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Our Mission

The mission of Northern Nevada Disability Resource Network is to provide a centralized resource for individuals with disabilities, seniors and veterans' to connect to service providers, support groups and businesses in the Northern Nevada communities.

We welcome caregivers, social workers, educators, family and friends, and anyone who seeks assistance on locating providers.

What is Northern Nevada Disability Resource Network

Originally named Northern Nevada Disability Access the website launched in early July 2010.  We respectfully changed the project name to Northern Nevada Disability Resource Network in September 2019.

Who Inspired NNVDRN

Prior to the website being launched, a mother of a developmentally disabled child, now a young adult, inspired her to help families like herself have access to resources in Northern Nevada. 

What Motivates Us

We chose to be a resource project to network with community service providers. 

How do we envision the future?

We became a resource network to invoke information, inspiration, and inclusion awareness of the communities in Northern Nevada.  NNVDRN is not a non-profit organization. 

Partnerships welcome

NVDRN is seeking a partnership with an established non-profit or community fiscal sponsor to maintain our budgetary needs. Our goal has been to apply to be a nonprofit. 

Partnerships must maintain at least a one-year contractual agreement assigned by the parties.  Details will be discussed prior to the signing of the agreement. 

Our Services


Our interactive directory offers a variety of resources to community service providers, support groups, and organizations to connect and assist our community members. 

Tresasured Moments

Video series featuring service providers/support groups and organizations to learn about their programs.

Virtual bulletin board

View. Download. Share virtual flyers about events, workshops, job opportunities, or just information about service providers | and support groups

Northern Nevada Young Adult Achievers

Video series featuring independent intellectually challenged young adults or planning to become independent?   opportunity to share any of the community services that have helped you with independent living.

Impact Stories

Mary had a son with terminal kidney disorder
Mary, a young mother of a child with a rare kidney disease moved to Reno without knowing any specialty services.  She was referred to a provider who refused the family’s insurance. NNVDRN informed the mother of a service provider who was willing to care for her son under a minimal sliding scale fee to continue providing specialized care for her son to receive dialysis.
Transiontional services after graduation was challenging
Susan’s son needed transition services once he graduated high school.  She met with the school’s guidance counselor for recommendations.  Susan was concerned that her son would not be able to transition into an independent program once he graduated high school. Susan and her family were forced to move to Las Vegas because of the lack of services to accommodate her son.

Featured Service Providers