From the beginning

Our story starts way back, when ....

Dr. Seuss once said, "Why fit in when you were born to stand out?".  

Think about it. Every person on this earth is born unique. No one has the same genetic issues. Even twins have different issues. We are placed on this earth to be a part of society. Regardless of age, gender, religion, etc. The cycle will continue for years.

Northern Nevada Disability Resource Network (formerly Northern Nevada Disability Access) is an inspired narrative expressed through the eyes of my son who was born with developmental delays.  Josiah is a young adult diagnosed with a rare chromosomal disorder while in his teens. Despite the efforts of locating services to enhance his developmental disabilities, we were limited to connecting to service providers through our Medicaid. While so many parents like myself, I was inspired to create a resource network to help families like myself to help them navigate to find providers in the Northern Nevada communities.  


During the years 2010-2015, (Northern Nevada Disability Access) has been featured on News Channel 2, News Channel 4, Sparks Tribune, 1MillionCups Reno, and two UNR Journalism students created a documentary which all can be found on the website. 

NNVDA were vendors and presentations to the following

  • (June 2010) Journey of Hope – Western Nevada College
  • (2013-2014) University of Nevada-Reno Assistive Technology Fair 
  • (September 2014) Youth Transition Conference – Reno 
  • (October 2014) Elko Youth Transition Summit 
  • (November 2014) Presentation at the City of Reno Adaptive Advisory Committee 
  • (June 2016) City of Reno City Council (July 2015) City of Sparks

Amy Auerbach

Founder/Project Manager

Amy started Northern Nevada Disability Access in July 2010. 

Kawaii Potato Films

photography, videography

We, Kawaii Potato Films, are an independent film/photography, who focuses on social issues with abstract and subliminal messages of these many topics. We believe by making a difference by being open-minded, while giving insight of a diverse background of people. Whom these many people that need a voice in their community when tackling on these social issues. We are willing to collaborate with genuine people, who would like to help out for a great cause.
My video experience is between 1-2 years doing video editing, filming with a DSLR camera, doing interviews, and events. I am open to other projects to work with an individual or a group. Feel free to contact me by email.

Josiah Metz

Youth Amabassador/IT Tech

Josiah is born and raised in Reno Graduated from Reed High School (’15). Enjoys classic rock, country, roller skating, archery, and playing video games. 

University of Nevada - Reno

Student Engagement Program

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