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    Senior Phone Patrol

    Sparks Ploice Department
    Work 1701 E Prater Way Sparks NV 89434 Work Phone: 775-353-2248Website: Sparks Police Department


    Photo of Senior Phone Patrol

    In 1989, the Sparks Police embarked on a program for senior citizens.  The idea behind the Sparks Senior Phone Patrol is to place a phone call each day to check on the welfare of senior citizens who live alone.  The Sparks Police offer this free program in an effort to reduce the time seniors would have to wait for emergency medical help in the event they were sick or injured in their home and unable to get to the phone for help.

    Active participants vary but throughout the years have ranged from 35 to 50 participants. Calls are made between the hours of 7am and 11am daily; including weekends.  If no answer is received and no notification has been given through the use of an answering machine setup for this specific purpose, an officer is sent to the senior’s residence to check on their welfare.

    During the month of December, the Sparks Police host the Annual Senior Christmas Party.  Many of the seniors that participate in the Senior Phone Patrol do not have a family support system in the area.  This event is anticipated by all seniors in the program and is very enjoyable for both the senior and our police department personnel.

    What happens if…

    Sometimes events come up in the lives of our members which conflict with the times they normally receive their phone calls. We have an answering machine set up so that each member can leave a message letting us know he/she will not be home to receive their call.

    Members can also call the front desk of the Sparks Police Department to advise us times when they will not be home.

    The program has proven its value many times. We have had members fall and injure themselves or become sick and are unable to to reach the phone. On one such occasion, after receiving no answers, officers were dispatched to the member’s home found she had fallen, and immediately had her transported to the hospital where she received the necessary care.

    Whether you or someone you love is a senior citizen living alone or disabled, the Sparks Police Department’s Senior Phone Patrol provides the peace of mind that comes from knowing if you have a fall or become incapacitated in any other way, you will never be left alone for days without help.

    For information on how you can SIGN UP for this program call (775) 353-2248


    How do I get started?

    Anyone interested in this service may get started right away by meeting these simple requirements:

      Must be a resident of the city of Sparks

       Must be a senior or have disabled status

       Must live alone or be the sole caregiver of a disabled individual.

    Simply call the Sparks Police Department front desk at 775-353-2248 and let the officer know you would like to be enrolled in the Senior Phone Patrol.



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    1701 E Prater Way Sparks NV 89434