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Autism Treatment Assistance Program

Nevada Aging and Disability Services Division
Work Phone: 775-687-0113 for Northern NevadaWork Phone: 702-668-3271 for Southern Nevada and Spanish speaking familiesWebsite: ATAP
Categories: Autism Resources


Bloom Consulting

Contact: James Williams
Work 800 E. College Parkway Ste 3 Carson City NV 89706 Work Phone: 702-850-4686Website: Bloom Consulting
Categories: Employment Services, Rehabilitation Services
Updated 7 months ago.

Brain Recovery Assistants Institute (B.R.A.I.N.)

Contact: Teresa Morros
Work 9475 Double R Blvd Suite #6, Reno NV 89521 Work Phone: 775-771-1540Website: B.R.A.I.N.
Categories: Rehabilitation Services

Bureau of Services to the Blind and Visually Impaired (DETR)

Contact: Claire Soleil
Work 1325 Corporate Blvd Reno NV 89502 Work Phone: (775) 684-4040Website: DETR
Categories: Rehabilitation Services


Canine Companions for Independence

Work 2965 Dutton Avenue Santa Rosa CA 95407 Work Phone: 707-577-1700Website: Homepage
Categories: Service /Therapy Animals
Updated 7 months ago.

Capability Health

Work 5250 Neil Rd Ste. 200 Reno NV 89502 USAWork Phone: 775-434-0488Website: Homepage
Categories: Adult Day Health Centers, Autism Resources, Early Intervention Services, Employment Services, Summer/Winter Camps, Vetrans Support

Care Chest of Northern Nevada

Work 7910 N. Virginia Street Reno NV 89506 Work Phone: 775-829-2273Website: Care Chest
Categories: Assistive Technology, Durable Medical Equiptment

Carson Tahoe Health -Cancer Center

Work 1535 Medical Parkway Carson City Nevada 89703 Work Phone: 775-445-7500Website: Carson Tahoe Health – Cancer Center
Categories: Cancer/Supportive Services

Carson Tahoe Health- Behavioral Health Services

Work Inpatient 1080 N. Minnesota St. Carson City NV 89703 Work Outpatient and Senior Pathways 775 Fleischmann Way Carson City NV 89703 Work Phone: 775-445-7350Work Phone: 800-283-7671Website: Carson Tahoe Health-Behavioral Health Services
Categories: Behavioral Health Services

Carson Tahoe Regional Healthcare

Work 1600 Medical Parkway Carson City NV 89703 Work Phone: (775) 445-8000Website: Carson Tahoe Regional Healthcare
Categories: Hospitals

Center For Adaptive Riding

Work 550 West Plumb Lane Ste B #137 Reno NV 89509 Work 915 Maple Creek Court Reno NV 89511 Work Phone: 775-329-1839Website: Center for Adaptive Riding
Categories: Equine Therapy

Center for Applied Behavioral Sciences

Work 2470 Wrondel Way, Suite 111 Reno NV 89502 Other Mailing Address : P.O. Box 12965 Reno NV 89510
Categories: Behavioral Health Services

Center for Healthy Aging

Contact: Marta
Work 11 Fillmore Way Reno NV 89519 Work Phone: 775-376-3210Website: Center for Healthy Aging
Categories: Senior Services

Center for Hope of the Sierras

Work 3740 Lakeside Drive, Suite 201 Reno Nevada 89509 Work Phone: 775-828-4949Website: Center for Hope of the Sierras
Categories: Behavioral Health Services


DirectorContact: Krystal Ayers
Work 5595 Equity Ave Suite 400 Reno NV 89502 Work Phone: 775-322-6060Website: Chrysalis
Categories: Behavioral Health Services, Independant Living Skills, PsychoSocial Rehabilitation Serivces

Circle of Life Community Hospice

Work 1575 Delucchi Lane Suite 214 Reno Nevada 89502 Work 1950 College Parkway Suite 201 Carson City Nevada 89706 United States of AmericaWork Phone: Reno : 775-827-2298Work Phone: Carson City : 775-445-0367Website: Circle of Life Home Page
Categories: Hospice Care

City of Reno – Fit But Not Forgotten

Work Evelyn Mount Northeast Community Center 1301 Valley Road Reno NV 89512 Work Phone: 775-333-7765Website: City of Reno – Veterans Services
Categories: Vetrans Support

Community Health Alliance

Contact: Megan Duggan
Work 1055 South Wells Avenue Reno NV 89502 Work 3915 Neil Road Reno NV 89502 Work 5295 Sun Valley Boulevard Sun Valley NV 89433 Work 330 Crampton Street Reno NV 89502 Work 2244 Oddie Boulevard Sparks NV 89431 Work 280 Vista Knoll Pkwy. Suite #107 Reno NV 89506 Work Phone: 775-329-6300Website: Homepage
Categories: Behavioral Health Services, Dental Services, Nutrition Counseling

Consumer Direct

Contact: Julie Deslonde
Work 1005 Terminal Way, Suite 294 Reno NV 89502 Work Phone: 775-786-4999Work Fax: 775-786-0717Work Phone: Toll Free : 877-786-4999Website: Homepage
Categories: Assisted Living, Home Health Services, Housing Services, Senior Services