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Treasured Moments video series

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What is Treasured Moments

Treasured Moments is a video series featuring service providers, support groups, and advocates. Our mission is to Inform. Inspire. Educate. the communities of Northern Nevada.


Prior to filming, we will email the questions to prepare for the day of filming/recording either video series.

If for any reason you need to cancel/reschedule, give us 24 to 28 hours before your appointment. You can save the email notification once you confirm an appointment to make any cancellations or request a reschedule.

Last-minute cancelations, call/text us at 775-476-2257, or email us at nnvdrn@gmail.com  

You are welcome to invite one additional guest to participate in the filming. They must be staff/employees. invitation requests are included in the scheduling form. 

Be prepared to introduce you and a guest (if applicable), job title, and talk about the services/programs for the community to know about.

To participate:

You must be: Support Group, Service Provider, Advocacy Leader, Senior Services, Veteran Services/Support

All You Need To Know

frequently asked questions

Yes. You will need to include that information when you sign up for an appointment. They must be 18 yrs+. 

It depends on the appointment. Zoom meetings usually take about 20 minutes. we do a sound check before recording. In person filming takes about 20 minutes. 

We ask for at least 24 hours in advance. You can call, text, or simply save the email notification to cancel or reschedule. 

Typically we return to our office to begin editing. This process can take up to a week depending on the editing needed to complete the process. Then the video is uploaded to our YouTube channel. We can send you a draft before its uploaded if you request it.

We store the orginal videos up to one year. The edited versions are kept on our YouTube channel unless the provider requests to have it removed or its no longer in service. 

As long as the guest is over 18, no consent is needed. 

We use a Canon M-50 with a kit lens 15-45. Our wishlist is to upgrade to a better quality lens. We use Davinci Resolve 17 to edit the videos. 

We believe our community was lacking a visual platform to feature service providers in the Northern Nevada community. Its a different level of media than anything else we have provided.