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Did you know (we) created formerly known as Northern Nevada Disability Access, now named Northern Nevada Disability Resource Network.

Northern Nevada Disability Resource Network first launched our website in July 2010. 

The mission of NNVDRN is to inform, inspire, and educate our community to resources connecting service providers, support groups, and community events in Northern Nevada. 

The website features are a virtual bulletin board, monthly newsletter, Treasured Moments (a video series), an interactive resource directory that is easy to navigate, live chat support, and we are working on re-developing the website for accessibility.  

My story is expressed as a parent inspired by my son who is an intellectually challenged young adult diagnosed with a rare chromosomal disorder while in his teens. Despite the efforts of locating services while he was an infant, we were limited to referrals through our insurance. While so many parents like myself, I was inspired to develop a resource network to help families like myself to help them navigate to find providers in the Northern Nevada communities.


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